Sunday, October 23, 2011

Story of the Book End...

Here is a little situation that sums up being the last child in a family.

A few weeks ago Dylan and I were discussing our Thanksgiving plans. Initially we were going out to visit David, Emily and company in New Orleans, but tickets were expensive. So, we were looking over our options. I thought of a brilliant idea and we proposed it to my parents. Hey, why not drive out to San Fransico and spend Thanksgiving with Reagy and Sam. My mom is obsessed with China Town and dad likes a good car trip. Even though the plan was flawless all my dad responded with was a big fat shoot down of my idea.

Come with me now to two days ago. I'm at work and Dylan calls, "Hey I have something exciting to tell you..."
Me: "what"
Him: "your dad just thought of the best idea for Thanksgiving, we're going to San Francisco!"
Me: "seriously?"
Him: (while chuckling) "yes"
Me: "this is ridiculous"

Apparently my dad has no recollection of my brilliant idea.

But hey, at least we're going to Reagy's house, apartment, shoe box!!


Whitlie said...

I want to come :)

sam said...

Love this post. I totally see this happening to you all the time in your family! Stoked to have you guys in our shoe box.

Reags said...

That is totally true, and what makes it even better is Dylan was the one that told you the surprise. Of course dad would tell even him before you! Love it.