Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner...

Our hosts, Holly and Fred

See all the awards around our necks. Everyone's is the real deal except for mine.
Sam: Best dressed
Reagy: Best actress
and for the shocker
Dylan: Best actor (say what!)
I was very proud to say the least
Jenny and Johnny....and yes, that gold chain Dylan is wearing is from my grandmothers jewlrey collection. How did you know? (sorry grandma, Dylan sports it the best.)

and did I mention the house the party was held at? It was everything and more, the library was heavenly to say the least. I imagine myself spending my summer mornings there.
(sorry I am an accessory to this picture, it's much better without)

Dylan Clarinet McKinnon

at this moment I am reveling in the music my husband is producing. Anyone know that Dylan could play the clarinet? I hardly did either. I snuck a couple pictures of him and when he caught me he pouted. I'm loving this whole marriage thing. Especially the parts when I discover new things that I married, like clarinets...(and pouting).