Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sophisticated Thanksgiving

As you can see we have a very sophisticated family. Our Thanksgiving weekend consisted of high-class humor, fine dining, and tuxes and cocktail dresses. Only the fanciest for us, thank you very much.

One of the best parts about these videos is that you can hear Leigh in the background outraged about the noises, but yet she can’t stop giggling. Leigh blames calls everyone out by name, blaming them for the noises, but she can’t stop laughing either. AND THEN when mom accidently closes out of the app, she sounds upset.

Good one Leigh.

Some of the best lines from these videos

“oh! I can’t breath” –SAM

“do that one again. Oh I love that!” –DAD

“it’s like asking a question” –LEIGH

“What! Okay that’s diarrhea” –LEIGH

It’s just not possible to be offended by these videos when you see how hard my mom is laughing in them.

Good one Mom.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just Me

Hottie is in the other room being hot again. Well, technically he's studying, but that's basically the same thing. I've been looking at blogs for the past hour wondering how people can be so funny/clever/witty with their words and still have time to live a normal life to talk about. It's a cycle for me. Pinterest, sometimes facebook and definitely blogs hook me, then get me into a funk. I love reading about others' lives and experiences, but if I don't pull myself away from it, after long enough I get envious. And then I make the same realization that I do every time, people are different. I don't have to be them or have their things to be interesting. I'm me and me is awesome (especially when I'm accompanied by a Dylan). Does anyone else feel this way? In the world we live in now, when there is SO much accessible through the internet that literally a half a day could be spent just on browsing, that it is incredibly easy to get caught up in what we're not, and what other people are.

Just curious if it happens to you too...

p.s. see you in 3 days Reagy goo and Sammy poo.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


"No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books".
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Sometimes do you wish that you could be like the people you read about in books? I get engulfed in books and catch myself acting like the characters that inspire me. Like when I am reading Jane Austen books, my vocabulary gets more sophisticated and I tend to dress in classy clothes. Recently I read Peter Pan and all I could think about was what it would be like to talk to a mermaid, or be a mother that waits for her children every night to come home from Neverland. Now, while I read The Wednesday Wars, I wonder if my seventh grade self could understand Shakespeare and respond to death threats for cream puffs. I am so grateful for books and how they take me out of myself and explore new thoughts and ideas.

How do books affect you?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Not a Typical Saturday...

7:54 wake up and rush to the church to help clean
9:00 go home/eat breakfast
10:00 go out back and start taking down the shed at Cherry Lane
10:00-2:45 Take down shed/take stuff to dump


Yes, that's right. We have a mystery on our hands here. Yesterday we were taking down the shed in the back yard of Cherry Lane. It was a tin-ish shed with a bunch of pallets and uh other stuff in there *ah hem...Apparently when Brad and Sherry bought this house the shed was there. So no one even knew about this trap door that we found. In case you didn't hear me the first and second time, we found a trap door! The shed was built up with a cement slab as the floor. As we were finishing taking the last parts of the pallets out that were covering the cement slab we uncovered a round secret trap door, with wires going into it. But, this task took us so long that we had to hurry to take the last load to the dump, and by the time we got back we barely had time to change our clothes and rush off to meet the McKinnon's for a movie.
Lest you think we weren't dying of curiosity on what was inside hole of imagination, let me tell you that we came up with quite a list of what it could be.
Some guesses we had
  • underground passageway
  • bomb shelter
  • treasure trove (possibly a skeleton holding it)
What do you think? Vote on it!