Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

LIFE: taking a turn

A late discovery of Bryan Brown: Life is the most wily double-dealing friend to own....and I like it.
It seems to me that when one tries to take life into one's own hands, life wriggles free and throws you in an opposite direction. Vague I know. But that is what I'm having to be lately. Super vague. Currently life is taking me on a roller coaster, and although at times I feel sea sick with the inconsistency of it all, I come down from every day thanking my Heavenly Father for how blessed I've been, and wonder at how it could get any better. After a week of wondering, even with my imagination, I can't seem to conjure up a better life right now.

Actually no, I don't want to be vague and uninformative about my life. Since I know that about me and maybe Stacy read this blog consistently, I can say what I like. This is my world. Silly, I forget sometimes.

Why I'm so blessed.

One word.

Well one person...


If you ever find a Dylan, hold tight, squeeze as tight as you can if you have to and don't let go. Dylans are the kinds that you gotta keep, cause really nothing is better than a Dylan. Dylans are worth it all. I'm staying home from my mission so I can be with a Dylan forever. I like to make my Dylan think I'm making this big sacrifice for him, but secretly I think he knows how much of a better gig I am getting with him. Dylans are the really really sweet kind of people, and that's a good thing to have around. But the even better part of Dylans is that they are silly. Not the kind of silly that you see and it makes you wanna throw up and then grow up. It's that kind of silly that you see and feel too mature. It makes you a kid again. Dyalns are sneaky. They act shy, but that's only a facade for your benefit, because they save the really fun side of themselves for you and some other select few they really like. Another reason you'll really want a Dylan is for his family. It's crazy when you're lucky enough to get a Dylan. First, you think WOW! I get a Dylan? life could not get any luckier.... and then you meet his family and a whole new world of luckiness is opened to you. Yes, it's true Dylans are the best kind to have. I'm glad everyone could be enlightened on the subject.

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