Friday, February 27, 2009


Exercise Sciences baby and there is no turning back! But seriously, this is big stuff. My life is officially moving on to greater heights that I'm not quite sure if I can soar through. We shall see, oh how we shall see. But putting the difficulties aside I am super stoked about it. Especially the anatomy classes I get to take. mmmm this will be GOOD.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Little Daisy Can Go A Long Way

Daisies do something to me that no other flower can quite accomplish. I can't describe it. They swoon me. At this time in the year is when I especially crave the companionship of these friendly children of mother nature. I like to imagine myself returning to my apartment after a particularly cold day filled with little outdoor experience, and find this waiting for me in my bedroom. I don't even expect it to be from a hottie that I would kiss upon first request. It's not that I want it, I need it.

But even more than that above, this is what I require from the world at this moment.
I NEED I NEED I NEED, to run through this right now, have a wicker basket filled with a nice lunch, an incredibly good novel of my choice and maybe even a boy with incredibly good hair, a heart stopping smile and an open generous temper. I have to think what novel I would actually choose!

Oh and did I mention I would be wearing this little number....

But, since fate would not deal me such a day, I guess I will settle for rearranging my apartment to look like this... :)