Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to our life

Basically this is what we see every day of our summer. If you're jealous, it's alright, you can come visit. PLEASE?

The other day, when Dylan and I were finishing up work we got a call from Jenny. She was in Whitehorse (the next town away from Skagway, about 2 1/2 hours away) visiting Chase while he was on tour. She invited us to drive up and spend a day with them. We stole a car and we were off. I was especially excited for this spontaneous rendezvous. Why you may ask? SKAGWAY DOESN'T HAVE A MOVIE THEATRE. Normally that's not a big deal, but when THE VERY LAST MOVIE OF HARRY POTTER (meaning the end of my childhood as I know it) CAME OUT WEEKS AGO AND I STILL HADN'T SEEN IT, it becomes a very big deal.

And we saw it, and I cried, many times. Many many times. Tears of joy and sadness.
The drive to Whithorse is beautiful. We get to do half that drive on tour about once a week, but being able to do it without crazy tourists and lugging a big bus up the mountain was a totally different experience.

This is Dylan and Valerie planking together on a bridge. It was all Valerie's idea and since Dylan can never say no to her, he had to give in.
It's not that I want you to see my face all the time, but this is the only picture of Jenny I got on the whole trip. And Goo's face is always priceless.
Oh ya and did I mention all the friends we met along the way.
Alfred the porcupine.

A bear that looks like a gorilla.

and my very first spotting of a MOOOSE!!!
and this is Chase, jumping off a bridge. Again, it was Valerie's idea, and no one can refuse her. Obviously.
Need I say more?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What we've been up to...

Dylan and I are in Alaska for the summer driving big busses around chuck full of tourists. I know, you're jealous already.
I was really worried at first to come to a new place and most importantly to be away from everything that is going on at home. Needless to say the couple days before we left I was having a very bad attitude about the whole thing.
But I'm happy to stand sit before you today and say I am loving it here.

We're living in a small town Skagway in the inside passage. It is so small there aren't any stoplights and the next town by road is over 2 hours away.
We work a lot, but when we're not working there is so much to do. We've been ziplinning, hiking, swimming (more like a polar bear plunging), and hanging out with family and friends. Jen and Chase are here with little Goo, and Dyl's cousin Seth and wife Elise are here as well. LUCKY!

Sorry to post such a revealing picture, but really, how can you get enough?