Thursday, July 7, 2011

What we've been up to...

Dylan and I are in Alaska for the summer driving big busses around chuck full of tourists. I know, you're jealous already.
I was really worried at first to come to a new place and most importantly to be away from everything that is going on at home. Needless to say the couple days before we left I was having a very bad attitude about the whole thing.
But I'm happy to stand sit before you today and say I am loving it here.

We're living in a small town Skagway in the inside passage. It is so small there aren't any stoplights and the next town by road is over 2 hours away.
We work a lot, but when we're not working there is so much to do. We've been ziplinning, hiking, swimming (more like a polar bear plunging), and hanging out with family and friends. Jen and Chase are here with little Goo, and Dyl's cousin Seth and wife Elise are here as well. LUCKY!

Sorry to post such a revealing picture, but really, how can you get enough?


Christa said...

Bry you look so cute! I would totally love if you were my tour bus driver. How could a tour get any better? Did you take that picture of the bear? What I mean to say is, you were that close to a bighuge scary bear?

Lauren and Devin said...

That sounds amazing. But even more amazing is how you look in the last picture. You have gotten FAT.

Chelsa said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun! I would love to see more pictures (when you get the chance of course). You are missed here but we are glad that you get to have such an adventurous summer!

Brownbellies said...

I can't believe you are in Alaska. I miss your face but it looks like you are having a blast. You better come down to New Orleans soon. We are thinking Thanksgiving.