Thursday, April 7, 2011

Need to finish this paper but I can't...

Why you ask?

  • We leave for Italy in 2 weeks (2 weeks people!)
  • can't stop looking at Reagan's blog and drooling
  • reading through 30 minutes of a facebook thread trying to catch up on all my friends lives
  • drooling over Heathers recipe's on her cooking blog (check it out! Sugar Betty)
  • wondering how i'm going to catch up to Reagan and her tan lines
  • feeling much more snuggley than scholarly
  • and there is a cute boy in the next room over...
oh ya and the video of Maggie (4th video down) on this blog post.

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Reags said...

OBSESSED. I have probably told Sam 3 times today . . and i quote "I could see Bryan two weeks from today if I wanted. Cool huh?" I had to quote because I said it so much better in the moment.

P.S. Thank you for saying my hair is maroon because the first time I dyed it (attempting for a dark reddish) it was pink. So i died to brown in order to cover up the ghastly mistake and the result is that poopey maroon you see, which is better than the pink. THE MURDEROUS PINK.