Sunday, September 25, 2011

Football Season

And so it begins, another wonderful season of BYU football. For me this is a unique experience that thankfully is only seasonal. I've found only a few women who can understand and relate to what life becomes for me once football season has begun (and let's not forget to mention basketball season following right on it's jersey tails). Most of the women happen to be in the family I married into and have lived with the men's enthusiasm (read: consuming obsession) for many MANY years. One of these great, patient, enduring ladies is my mother-in-law. So as this season approaches I was brought back to an email she sent me at this time last year with an article that couldn't describe the experience any better.

She wrote: "My life. I laughed so hard when I saw this. If you are not a McKinnon or married to one, it may seem impossible to fathom that it can actually be like this. We, McKinnon wives, can vouch for the authenticity of this obsession. Even as I write, two McKinnon boys are talking about "the game" in the background on the phone! We love them so! That is what makes them them! Love you all! Sherry"

Confessions of the wife of a college football fan. If you even slightly know what I'm talking about when I say life is literally put on hold when it's game day, read that article and you'll be able to relax a little, realizing you're not alone in this crazy world.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am back from the summer of working long hours and days strung together of never endingness. So what do I come back to? More work! Seriously I'm really excited about this. You see folks, I don't have just any ordinary hum ho kind of jobto come back to, I have Farah. Farah is one of my best friends and is such a light in my life. When I left she was sick and consequentially unhappy quite often. I was worried about her all summer. Now that I've seen the lovely girl I am happy to announce that she is back to her good ole happy beaming self again (Farah is a true summer baby). She makes so many people happy and has blessed countless lives. She teaches lessons through her happy optimistic demeanor. How did I get so lucky to find her?

We’ve had some really good times together and I am so blessed to know this remarkable person.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How bright our future is...

Out of all of the semesters going to BYU I've learned some things, and i'm not talking information from my books and teachers. It's those kind of life lessons you realize you've learned after the fact. One of those happens to be how HARD school is. Not homework, staying focused, tests and ignoring the pencil tapper behind me. School is hard because the decisions that have to be made, specifically what to study. I am now going in to my 5th year of college and I've just declared my last and final major (hopefully). Yes definitely. Yes, for sure.
It shouldn't have been majorly difficult for me because secretly I hope I can settle down with a family and apply the things I've learned from my major to motherhood and not a full-time job. But what about those people who do need to be concerned about liking what they do in school because they could be doing it for 30+ more years. HARD HARD HARD things.

Dylan is going through this right now. He's taking his time because we really want him to find something he loves and is excited about. He has taken just about every intro to whatever class out there and has been exploring his options endlessly. Finally he has stumbled upon a class this semester that we're hoping will give him the answer. It's a career exploration class. I wasn't trying to get my hopes up, but today they took a million of those career tests that will tell you what you should be and Dylan finally discovered his calling in life.
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your next nanny in the world, Mr. Dylan McKinnon.