Sunday, September 25, 2011

Football Season

And so it begins, another wonderful season of BYU football. For me this is a unique experience that thankfully is only seasonal. I've found only a few women who can understand and relate to what life becomes for me once football season has begun (and let's not forget to mention basketball season following right on it's jersey tails). Most of the women happen to be in the family I married into and have lived with the men's enthusiasm (read: consuming obsession) for many MANY years. One of these great, patient, enduring ladies is my mother-in-law. So as this season approaches I was brought back to an email she sent me at this time last year with an article that couldn't describe the experience any better.

She wrote: "My life. I laughed so hard when I saw this. If you are not a McKinnon or married to one, it may seem impossible to fathom that it can actually be like this. We, McKinnon wives, can vouch for the authenticity of this obsession. Even as I write, two McKinnon boys are talking about "the game" in the background on the phone! We love them so! That is what makes them them! Love you all! Sherry"

Confessions of the wife of a college football fan. If you even slightly know what I'm talking about when I say life is literally put on hold when it's game day, read that article and you'll be able to relax a little, realizing you're not alone in this crazy world.

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Kelsey said...

I don't know why I keep commenting on your blogs all of a sudden. But I love this. I love it.