Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am back from the summer of working long hours and days strung together of never endingness. So what do I come back to? More work! Seriously I'm really excited about this. You see folks, I don't have just any ordinary hum ho kind of jobto come back to, I have Farah. Farah is one of my best friends and is such a light in my life. When I left she was sick and consequentially unhappy quite often. I was worried about her all summer. Now that I've seen the lovely girl I am happy to announce that she is back to her good ole happy beaming self again (Farah is a true summer baby). She makes so many people happy and has blessed countless lives. She teaches lessons through her happy optimistic demeanor. How did I get so lucky to find her?

We’ve had some really good times together and I am so blessed to know this remarkable person.

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