Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sophisticated Thanksgiving

As you can see we have a very sophisticated family. Our Thanksgiving weekend consisted of high-class humor, fine dining, and tuxes and cocktail dresses. Only the fanciest for us, thank you very much.

One of the best parts about these videos is that you can hear Leigh in the background outraged about the noises, but yet she can’t stop giggling. Leigh blames calls everyone out by name, blaming them for the noises, but she can’t stop laughing either. AND THEN when mom accidently closes out of the app, she sounds upset.

Good one Leigh.

Some of the best lines from these videos

“oh! I can’t breath” –SAM

“do that one again. Oh I love that!” –DAD

“it’s like asking a question” –LEIGH

“What! Okay that’s diarrhea” –LEIGH

It’s just not possible to be offended by these videos when you see how hard my mom is laughing in them.

Good one Mom.


Reags said...

O my goodness I am dying reading your post. That is so amazing. I am so glad you posted these.

Jourdan said...

So good to have a nice laugh before I hit the sack. Good times (oh wait, I wasn't there :(