Sunday, October 9, 2011


This was something fun we did in Alaska this summer. Almost everyday we drove people on tours to this little place just right on the outskirts of Skagway called the Jewel Gardens. In the full bloom of summer it was a breathtaking piece of land with a quite little café and a fun little shop. People who go there for garden tours, lunch or to glass blow. I thought the gardens were beautiful, but personally I would never spend $150 + to look at them or a whopping $200+ to glass blow there. Luckily, the locals are treated like gold in Skagway as long as you weren’t a day visitor discounts were incredible. So why not right? We picked our colors and designs and hit the floor. It was cool to watch the glass melt down and become all one color, and then as it would melt the brilliant colors would shine through again. We had so many fun experiences in Skagway and it was home to us for a short little while. Thanks Skagway for being so….cool (brrrrr!).


Reags said...

You guys look giant.

Katie said...

I want a picture of the finished product!