Monday, January 25, 2010


Somedays, when things are tough, I wish for a wise old man to stop me and give me some grand piece of advice. Like they do in my imagination, and the books I read.

The other day. I wished so hard for this. I felt like it was all I needed to get me through.
I drew it all up in my head. I would be walking along, reading my book. He would stop me and say, "you seem to be a special person in a tough spot." and I would reply "who me? How did you know?" "It's just something that comes with the job of being old, and wise. Now go ahead and tell me about it."

I would. I would tell him everything.
Then he would give me the most brilliant piece of advice, that at first I would brush off as meaningless. Until I thought about it again and realize exactly what he meant and what I would need to do. Then I would fix everything with his advice.
That's how it would happen.

I was waiting all day for him.

just as I was walking to my car from school he came...strolling towards me.

and it didn't happen just as I planned

but it did happen perfectly.

He said nothing to me.
Just as he was passing me he held my gaze and smiled.
And that's all I needed.
Thank you old wise man.

You've done your duty in your own wise way.

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