Thursday, January 7, 2010

Caught in the middle of something good

This is to you my blog,

Right now life is weird. But then again isn't it always. No matter what normal doesn't happen...ever. So why is it even a word.

This really isn't much too read or even worth time of anyone but me. But sometimes I just gotta write things down to try to make sense of myself. Organize the noggin a bit ya know?

I've found a new philosophy about life lately.

When you want one thing, that's when another is thrown at you. And I do mean to use the word thrown, because it perfectly describes what happens. Not delicately tossed, not nicely placed in your lap, thrown.

Lately I can't
*speak clear sentences
*form a though intelligent enough to say in class
*eat normally
*grasp the concept of time
*flirt with boys
*control my emotions
*keep my phone charged
*peal an orange like I like
*realize when I need to go to the bathroom (what?)


This is how I describe myself right now. Someone grabbed the pieces of my life and threw them up in the air and I have to retrieve them...? Because apart from school, which I'm still trying to not be intimidated by, I don't know anything else about my life.

But I guess that's why I say Caught in the middle of something good. Because I have this sense of something more lately. Like altough this is weird and rough and whatever, that I'm gonna learn something great from it.


When I get more me again...I'll let you know.

But until then blog, please try to put up with my un-me-ness.


Mandy said...

Bry, I'm always here for you to talk about it if you want. I really understand this feeling, and I hope that whatever it is that is wrong, or bothering you or even just different will resolve itself.

Love you. Call me anytime.

Mama White said...

I say it's time to make some more o dem key lime meltaways and invite your favorite second mom over for sharesies--yeah? Love you, cutie. Come over for a hug. I miss you.