Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wasatch Back....at cha!

I completed my first race on Saturday and needless to say I am quite proud of myself. It was such a wonderful opportunity and the fact that I got to run it with my mom and Leigh escalated the experience to heights unheard of in the running world.
The race is called the Wasatch Back and is in a series of similar Ragnar relay races across the country. This race goes from Logan Utah to Park City, a total of 188 miles split between 12 runners in two different vans in 24 hours.

This is the whole team. I was the youngest on the team probably by an average of 27 years.
What Fred said about that little statistic made me laugh so I'll share it "I'm glad you are able to bring the average age down for the team to make them a little more youthy."
-Fred Nelson
"youthy" is now officially a word

Our team name was "Scrambled Legs and Achin' ".
this is Leigh (sister), Leslie (mom) and Me at the beginning. I'm delicately holding the fake legs hanging from our van, made of panty-hose stuffed with cotton and topped with socks.

although you might not be able to see the "so", it says "I run SO I can eat"...such a good motto

We saw a lot of different funny names people came up with for their teams. Here are a few I remember....
Real men have six legs (a team that only had 6 people and ran six "legs" each...crazy crazy crazy!)
Swine flu...you can catch it but you can't catch us!
The dirty dozen Two Fats-Ten Furious
Zena Warriors- Our soles are hot and our boobs are real
Run like the winded
The Wagnar Welay Wace Wunners
The flying Buffalos-Eat our chips
Be gentle; it's our first time
Who the Hills Idea was this?
Dirty Underwear Gang
J.A.R.E.D (Joggers against running, exercise and diet)
We've got the Runs
Running out of Cache(valley)
Viva Las Vegas- What happens on the trail stays on the trail
Our wives think we're at work
Dude, where's my van?
Mom jeans
Ignorance is Bliss-ters

After we completed our first legs.

This is all of my van (van #2) minus me (taking the picture) and Leigh who is currently running. Kristin (the one in front) unfortunately at the last minute couldn't run with us because of injury but we were so happy and blessed to have her still come with as the official designated driver. Thanks!

I FINISHED!!!! Ya, I actually did it.

My mom and Leigh had the hardest legs of the whole race. They were called "What were they thinking" and "Ragnar". No matter how many pictures we took of mom (which totaled to be about 10) on this leg, we could not get one pleasant looking face from her.

Leigh has always been SO intense.

but rain...
...or shine, this run was beautiful!

and of course I couldn't neglect the triumphant pose when all was finished.


Jourdan said...

LOVED this post.

SO extremely green with envy.

keegan said...

I've never been so proud in all of my life. And I have never been so frightened of your mom with that scary look on her face. I bet you got that look a lot growing up...

keegan said...

By the way, this is Lindsey, not Keegan. Although it would be awesomely creepy if it really was Keegan.

Bryan said...

I so hoped it was Keeg...someday...someday

Hayley said...

i apologize for my father, but you know what i always say, "that's not MY dad!"

I'm jealous you did this, I found out about this little gem a little too late. But I'm doing next time. See ya there.

Marissa Mills said...

B- I didn't know you ran this... I am so so so proud. My brother ran it as well and his stories are numerous about the crazy Ragnar. B always remember you are a real women ok.