Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A bit of ridiculousness....

I'ts a book...combining Pride and Prejudice with ZOMBIES?
The story follows the plot of Pride and Prejudice, but places the novel in an alternative universe
version of 19th century England where zombies roam the countryside.


"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single zombie in possession of a good appetite for human flesh, must be in want of a tasty brain or two."


it's actually supposed to go like this...

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single MAN in possession of a good FORTUNE, must be in want of a WIFE" (emphasis added)

Okay but seriously listen to part of the summary of this book from wikipedia, I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Mr. Bennet trains his daughters in martial arts and weapons, molding them into a fearsome zombie-fighting army...Mrs. Bennet spies an opportunity and sends the girls to the first ball where Bingley is expected to appear. The girls defend the party from a zombie attack,"

"Although Elizabeth and Darcy strongly dislike each other at first, their common interest of zombie-killing draws them closer together."

"Elizabeth's dislike of Darcy turns into full-blown hatred when she learns that Darcy plotted to separate Bingley from her sister Jane. As demanded by her warrior's code of honor, she vows to avenge the slight to her family by killing Darcy. Later that evening, she is afforded that opportunity when he appears unannounced at the cottage where she is staying, but before she can fetch her katana and behead him, he surprises her again by proposing marriage."

"Elizabeth embarks on a trip around the country, fighting zombies along the way. At Pemberley she runs into Darcy, who helps her to defeat a rampaging horde of zombies."


Jane and Bingley resume their relationship. Elizabeth hopes to do the same with Darcy, but his aunt (the Lady Catherine) interferes, insisting that her daughter Anne is a better match for her nephew. Lady Catherine challenges Elizabeth to a fight to the death, intent on eliminating the competition, but Elizabeth defeats Catherine and her cadre of ninjas. She spares Catherine's life. Darcy is touched by this gesture, and he returns to Elizabeth's side. The two cheerfully wipe out a field of zombies (their first battle as a couple) and begin a long and happy future together."


Reags said...

Wait is this a real movie or did you make this up? Cause if you made that up it was supremely clever but astoundingly wierd.

Mandy said...

Haha I just died.
How could they defile Jane Austen like that?

Matthew P. said...

I'm reading that book. It's hilarious.