Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sittin, Waiting, Wishing....

I am currently waiting for this little miss thang's plane to come in so I can leave to pick her up

because she decided to leave us this summer for this pretty little state,But is coming in town for this couple and a weekend celebration in their honor!
Reasons why this is going to be (and has been already) a good week:
1. I finally cleaned my room since the disastrous move IN from moving OUT of my apartment in....APRIL
2. REAGY POO is coming until Sunday :)
3. Whitlie is getting married and is one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen
4. I foresee a lot of Yahtzee games, and what week isn't better with heaps of Yahtzee?
5. Thursday is officially the set day when the big race happens...and no I'm not talking about the Wasatch Back (that happened last week). This is the BIG race with Michael Keller. Killer post coming after the race on Thursday.
6. Family time....WOOT!
7. Sleepovers on the tramp with R-face
8. I'm giving a talk on Sunday so I'm getting to read mucho good conference talks and such. I'm learning sooo much.

Current status: signing off to go get the sista. Come visit while she is in town!


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Katelyn said...

Bryan! First of all...I want to say I am so proud of you that you finally were able to clean out your room. Congrats:) And second of all, hope you have blast with your family and Reag. I bet you have had so much fun.