Thursday, November 19, 2009

Once was love

Once I was one and lonely.
Then I was two and a friend came along, her name was Lauren.
We were meant to be bosom friends.
My name was supposed to be Chloe...that was the name of her pet pug.
She looked like a name was Bryan, I looked like a boy.
I taught her to be feisty, she taught me to be sassy.
She taught me how to roller blade, I told her to part her hair on the side and not the middle.
We were together for everything.

My best friend get's married tomorrow. Sometimes I don't know what to do with myself, but most of the time I'm just grateful I get to be apart of things like this and see her so happy. Whether he likes it or not Devin is gaining another girl in his life besides Laur. But I think he likes it. And I like him.
They're perfect for each other.
They're the perfect couple.
I love them.

Sometimes I cry when I think about her getting married.
If you see me tomorrow I'll probably be doing just that.
But good thing we know they are happy tears.

Good luck tomorrow Laur. I hope everything is perfect because you deserve nothing less.


whitney joy said...

Good tribute!!! I love that you two have been friends since the dawn of time, what a weird but happy day for you! It will be a weird day when my sister and best friend get married... glad that day isn't here yet.

keegan said...

Love you Bry-bry. I'm saving Matt for you, then you will be legally part of the family. (this is lindsey)

him & her said...

i love you b. i always have, always will!!!!! dev is excited to marry us!

Jourdan said...

um. I'm coming. And I am going to attempt to look more beautiful than the bride. Think "red tights".

Don't expect success.

Mandy said...

This made me so happy.... I love you Bry, and change is hard but you wouldn't want anything less than happiness for Lauren.

Love you!

Whitlie said...

Bry! So I just found your blog and I love it. I love you and I'm so glad I got to see you the other night :)

Lizzy said...

aah i love this!! Somehow i knew you would be having a bit of a hard time that day.. even though I hadn't talked to you about it. I love you and want to play with you over the break!

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