Friday, January 23, 2009

Pushing Daisies=LOVE

Personally I think we look great together.
This is one of my favorite shows, then they decided to ruin my life and DISCONTINUE it. Tears are falling to my keyboard right now. So so sad.
Lee Pace is so good to me. He graces me with his wonderful face and his shy boy smiles and every week I fall in love with him, deeper and deeper every time until they will rip him from my life with NO MORE SHOWS. I guess I'll be watching Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day a lot more now. I love you Lee. So much.


Reags said...

wow bryan you should die your hair red. it would look good with your big cheeser

Lauren Emily said...

wow should die. I mean, just die. Because I feel that life is not worth living without Pushing Daisies. We could do it together, as a statement! AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW...