Sunday, August 14, 2011


So after our adventure to Whitehorse with Chase, Jen and Val, we decided this getting out of Skagway thing for a few days was a good idea. So, a few weekends ago we decided to take some time off work and enjoy what Alaska had to offer. So first off we headed over to Haines on a 4X4 tour with Chase, Jenny and Goo.

It was a pretty fun time -- the views were beautiful, the company was great, and everyone got a chance to drive.

Early the next morning we left the Browns behind and headed for Juneau, and had an awesome ferry ride to get there. Here's the prettiest thing we saw on the ferry:

We spent a few days in Juneau and slept at the youth hostel there. It was sad not being able to spend the night together, but we couldn't pass up $10 a night.

In Juneau we rode up the Mt. Roberts tram (and took some sweet jumping pictures)

We went on a whale watching tour and saw sea lions and humpback whales

Ate some really good King Crab at Tracy's Crab Shack

Hiked out to the Mendenhall Glacier, and even up onto it

Then did a puzzle we found on the ferry as we came home to Skagway

It was an awesome weekend, and we loved spending it together in such a beautiful place. We tried to do as many things as we could that you can only do in Alaska (or at least that you can't do in Utah) and I think we did a pretty good job.

Also, you just got duped into reading a blog post by Dylan, and you probably didn't even know that he wrote it until now!


Lauren and Devin said...

I feel like a real jerk. Dylan, consider me duped.

Chelsa said...

Hiking a glacier! Fun! And I figured Dylan was writing since it the post said, "Here's the prettiest thing we saw on the ferry" with a picture of Bryan! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your time there...and we can't wait to see ya back here in Provo.

Reags said...

I actually thought it was dylan. For 2 reasons. 1- you said they best part was Bryan and you said "the browns". Bryan wouldn't say that. I knew it was you the whole time . . . guess you are the fool now.