Friday, September 17, 2010

Dialogue of Dylan and me the other day while driving to school...
(side-note, Dylan has been really excited about the radio station 101.9 lately, because it plays all the music that used to be popular when we were young.)

A song on the radio comes on that I would deem a little to hard for my taste.

D: "oh wow, this is crazy!"
B: "what song is this??"
D:"don't you remember this song? It was like the biggest thing in sixth grade" (another side-note, we lived on completely different continents in sixth grade).
B:"I don't think I ever listened to music like this."
D:"really? everyone knew this song." then he pulls out a fact from his vast reserve of music knowledge "I would have to say this song is probably the forerunner to all screamo music."
B:"oh really"
D: "ya, it's Papa Roach"
D:quietly singing along to himself, and knowing ALL the words
then all of the sudden I recognize it and sing out loud
what!? where did that come from. Thankfully those were the only words that I knew. The whole song is about suicide...what in the world?!?

And now I want to know what other kinds of music worked it's way into my small eleven year old self without me knowing it!

Please someone tell me if you remember this song too. Or if it's just weird Dylan and I who in some weird trick oddly know this awful awful song...

{and can we take a small moment and notice how cute he is?}


Lindsey Bench said...


Bryan, you lived in a bubble.

whit said...

Your fiancé is right, we all know this song!

McKayJoice said...

yeah, I know it, get with it.

PS - it plays "the music that used to be popular when we were young"?!

And what are you now? Old and too good for pop music?

PMS- He is real cute

Dev and Laur said...

I was going to write exactly what Lindsey wrote. so, ditto to lindsey.

Hayley said...

this song is epic. everyone knows it and loves it.

ps. i can't come to your shower and i'm sorry and hate my life because of it.

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

the only part of the song I know is the same part you know...I must have lived in a bubble too...haha and he is very cute Bry! I love you two together (at least I love all the pictures I see of you two togther...they are cute...when I see you in real life i'm sure it will be even cuter than pictures.)

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

bry I'm so excited you are getting married! I hope you got my address in time cause i totally want an announcement and to come to your blessed event! :)

Anonymous said...

I know this song because of Pfleuger influence. That is all I have to say... and HAPPY MARRIAGE!!!