Thursday, August 26, 2010

England, a month with the McKinnons

oh and did I mention the best person in the whole (picture below with some girl). June 22, head off to Denver, then Toronto and finally ending up in London England June 23.

I started this post at least a month ago. What was I thinking doing a day by day for a whole month in one sitting. Impossible! But then again that is typical of me. I feel like a super hero on a day to day basis, thinking I can tackle anything. As you can guess I usually disappoint myself. But on a happier note of the same subject, my self-esteem has not suffered because of it. So, because I have now (probably a month and a half later) realized that blogging about a whole month after the fact is not something my patience or personality is up to, I will default to posting the highlights and a few pictures out of the billion taken and try to aid you in understanding what an amazing and nearly indescribable trip I took.
  • plane rides. I LOVE riding on planes because that means I'm traveling!
  • going to touristy places and people watching to the max
  • spending an entire month with the greatest boy imaginable and knowing that saying goodnight only meant "see ya first thing when we wake up".
  • beauty EVERYWHERE. especially the architecture. Everything in England is a gazillion years old, so it all looks cool.
  • Getting proposed to at Hampton Court Palace. what?! who get's to even be in England and get proposed to at the same time? That moment in time was real life magic. I'll get off on a tangent for a second. But seriously. I think that there are certain circumstances that can be created that will make magic no matter what and this is one of them.
1 handsome wonderful boy.1 girl who is in love with said boy
Reciprocated feelings
A palace on the Tames
A ring
A million happy thoughts of the future
a little side-note: to make the experience even more magical for the girl and maybe a little less for the boy add 70% nervousness on the boys part. He's cuter that way back to the bullets
  • seeing more castles then you even knew existed.
  • finding inspiration for my wedding dress at a Saturday market
  • being blissfully happy for one month straight
  • Wimbledon!
  • Scotland!
  • trying to read Welsh...impossible
  • and being at a place in my life where everything is good and right. That is such a huge blessing!
*collages seemed to be my best bet


Mandy said...

This was such an amazing post! I loved seeing pictures and reading everything. It looks like not only are you marrying an amazing, cute guy you are marrying into an awesome family! I couldn't be happier for you Bry.

Katherine said...

Oh my goodness, I a little bit want to bunch you. Heaven...

Scott & Marissa said...

Make sure your man knows you love him for him, and not just for that trip to Europe! Seriously who gets to go to Europe for a month?!? I'm way happy and excited for you!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like ALOT of fun packed into one post :) very cute!

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

BRYAN! oh my gosh...i just stumbled upon your blog! I love it! I had no idea you are getting married...are married? I don't even know. But I'm so happy for you! I loved the picture of you two kissing in the phone booth...I thought "oh my Bryan is kissing a boy...she must really like him!" haha you look so cute and happy and I hope that you truely are. I can't believe you were in England for a month and got proposed to there. That really is magic, better that Harry Potter magic! Love you!