Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

I've always loved this holiday...ALWAYS.
I look forward to it every year. For some reason this day always brings about something good, a turn of events or just pure happiness. These are a few reasons why I loved today already.

  • my dad without reminder put on green pants this morning
  • just adding to the wonderful weather, the excessive green I saw on campus made spring even that much more tangible
  • I learned just recently that the Chicago river is dyed bright green every year...
(I vow to be in Chicago at least once when this happens)
  • I pinched two people today (just about the right amount to feel like you support the holiday but not abuse it)
  • my mom woke up this morning wearing a great green long sleeved shirt not on purpose...
  • and...I got in trouble in Spanish today for making the girl next to me squeal as I pinched her, making me feel like I was in 2nd grade again....
I hope you all enjoyed this holiday as much as I did!
(the blue is due to the fact that it originally was the colour associated with Saint Patrick.
Just one of those very important facts that you should know offhand)

1 comment:

Dev and Laur said...

I remember once in 2nd grade I got in trouble by Mr. Beckstrand for squealing about him using his middle finger to point (unintentionally flipping the whole class off)

Also, I have never in all my college years heard a student get chastized, so I would be really embarassed if I were you.

Finally, I vow to be with you on the day the Chicago river is dyed green. Sometimes it makes me wanna cry how cool our world is and how much of it I am missing!

I love you.