Thursday, August 27, 2009

b day my b day

waffle ice cream breakfast
pedicure with the sisters
a movie I loved (surprising)
Reagsters (surprised)
a nephew
a visit from a poodle (even more surprising)
the said nephew and poodle
dance party
wonderful wonderful wonderful friends
some very kickin' spandex
more cake
nice notes
a friendship's new beginning
two emails from missionaries
almost my whole family
not one but two packages from my roommate KK
visits from unexpected(s)
Ingrid Michaelson tickets (thank you Lauren!)
peaches and home-drawn pictures
a homemade shirt that is brilliant!
a mother
a father feeling better
heartfelt texts and calls

A big thanks to all who contributed to was wonderful.


whitney joy said...

you forgot the swears whispered in your ear! I thought you were going to die!

Reags said...

what is this new begining? curious, so curious.

Laur and Dev said...

whitney swore for you? I will never be able to match her priceless gift.