Monday, July 20, 2009

Dalai THE llama

ONCE UPON A TIME I met a llama....and I liked it!
You can see this was no ordinary llama, this was a special llama.
It all started when my family took a Sunday stroll to collect eggs from a vacationing neighbors' house. After a struggle with some obstinate mother chickens and an escapee from the coop, my mother thought it would be a fine idea for everyone to meet the "llama with personality".
I said (quite naively) "llama with personality? right!"
she said (quite boldly) "yes, a llama with a personality".
and that is exactly what it was.
His name is Dalai.
He is my friend.
I think about him every day.
I love him.

But....this love could not be hidden, it needed to be shared with anyone that would listen to me. So I brought a couple friends...
Animal lovers....
and haters alike revere and appreciate this Dalai, who is a llama, very very much.

Stacy is "head over heels" for this little guy

and so is everyone else that has met him....
come stop by for a visit and the best first impression from an animal you've ever had.
I'll see you soon?


Jourdan said...

You've been too busy with that llama I see.

Please answer me:
Are you available this Saturday evening? (And no bailing if you say yes).

Good times are in store if you are.

Mandy said...

That is actually a really really cute llama. "Llama face!" I will like to come see him/her when I return.

Lindsey Bench said...

Bryan, per your suggestion I pulled Asher from the local "Crip". He's doing much better now, thanks. And the Crip wanted to know who they could "thank" for being responsible for Ashers leaving. I directed them to you. Nice group of people really.

Lauren Emily said...

Listen. I ate a Llama once. I'm not proud.