Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An amamzing discovery

This was my discovery yesterday morning when I happened to walk to campus to get to class early.
Can I honestly say that I never knew that this kind of crowdage went on just south of campus. I get that people go to classes in the morning and that a lot do live south of campus but I honestly was astounded. I felt like part of something big. I had this great inclination to tap the closest person walking next to me and say, "hey, me too". Because both of us had something in common. We woke up early enough to be EARLY to class, and that was big.

So.....maybe I'll start trying to be early more often. I like the feeling of that fire ignited in me when I become part of something unspoken. A clan of people who have finally figured that it is, in fact, better to be early to class.


Mandy said...

I just discovered your blog.
And I like it.
And I like you.

Katie Mae said...

Hey! We decided to set our blog to private and we would love to add you so you can keep up with our family. If you would like, please email me your email address and we will add you! M2a2e2@gmail.com